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Yoga for Arthritis was developed at a leading research university by an interdisciplinary team of medical and healing professionals, including rheumatologists, psychologists, public health researchers and yoga therapists. Combining ancient yoga practices with modern medical knowledge, this program offers modifications to address the unique abilities and limitations of persons with rheumatoid and/or osteoarthritis.

In a 7-year randomized clinical trial, program participation was associated with improved arthritis symptoms, disease biomarkers, physical fitness, psychological functioning and quality of life.

As a result of taking this Yoga for Arthritis teacher training  program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic differences between rheumatoid and osteoarthritis
  • Offer modifications for persons with arthritis attending their yoga classes
  • Teach Yoga for Arthritis classes in their communities
  • Work individually with arthritic clients of all ability levels

Yoga for Arthritis Trainings Explained with Dr. Steffany Moonaz

*All students must be a registered yoga teacher to attend Yoga for Arthritis teacher trainings.


NEW! Yoga for Arthritis and Chronic Pain: Bundled Course 100 Hours CEU's

This course combines three levels of Yoga for Arthritis and Chronic Pain Training for a total of 101 total hours, consisting of 65 contact hours and 36 non-contact hours. It is intended for the serious yoga professional who aims to specialize in this area with greater knowledge and skill. This course is approved for continuing education credit with both Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists and is appropriate for those wishing to specialize in worth with populations experiencing chronic pain, joint conditions, and/or autoimmune diseases in setting such as senior centers, integrative health practices, conventional healthcare institutions, private practice, yoga studios, or community spaces.

The Level 1 segment is offered as an online, self-paced program with regular assessments and feedback from faculty on discussion boards and practice teaching. The Level 1 segment offers an overview of current science and best practices for teaching group classes, as well as an adaptable evidence-based program that can be offered in community settings either in-person or online.

The Level 2 segment is a mentored practicum that includes focused work with an assigned mentor toward personal teaching goals.

The Level 3 segment includes a peer-learning experience and a focus on working with individuals and collaborating with healthcare professionals.

The Bundled Course also includes an hour of online professional coaching after completion of each segment, which can be used at any time. Completion of the full bundled course results in certification through Yoga for Arthritis and a year of membership beyond course completion.

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YFA Level I

34 YA Credits- 34 IAYT Credits | 32 contact hours & 2 non-contact hours

The Yoga for Arthritis Teacher Training Program qualifies yoga teachers to safely and effectively impart rigorously researched yoga practices, with individually-tailored modifications, to those with arthritis and its related conditions.

Yoga teachers who successfully complete the Level I course will receive a certificate of completion, student and teacher manuals for implementing Yoga for Arthritis, a 16-class structure, in their local communities and access to an online community devoted to Yoga for Arthritis intensive graduates. 

Completion of Level I qualifies a participant for up to 34 hours of Yoga Alliance credit. Hours also contribute to training as a yoga therapist in the Integral, Triyoga, and Phoenix Rising programs and 34 hours of continuing education as a certified-IAYT yoga therapist.

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YFA Level II Mentorship

40 YA Credits - 40 IAYT Credits | 10 contact hours, 30 non-contact hours -in New York City, it can be completed as 40 contact hours

The Yoga for Arthritis mentorship program allows you to move into the field and apply the techniques you learned in YFA training with feedback. It includes 40 hours of supervised teaching (to students with arthritis) including 6 hours of required mentoring. Alternatively, up to 10 of the 40 teaching hours can be completed through forging clinical relationships and/or writing up a case study/series (all of which will be mentored). Supervision must be with a Yoga for Arthritis Teacher Trainer and can take place in-person or remotely.  Mentors are paid by mentees and provide an invaluable one on one learning experience to expand your skills as a teacher.  If you are a YFA Level I teacher, and are interested in moving forward with mentorship, please click below to find all materials needed to move forward. 

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If you are a YFA Level I teacher, and have questions about initiating your Level II mentorship, please contact us at

More detailed information: Mentorship Guidelines PDF

YFA Level III Certification

24 YA Credits - 24 IAYT Credits | 20 contact hours, 4 non-contact hours

The training includes work with case studies, peer-learning on special topics, communication and collaboration with healthcare professionals, and work with less mobile individuals. Each participant is asked to explore and present content related to arthritis that requires greater depth of understanding and is directly relevant to the work of yoga therapists.

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Interested in a "come as you are" yoga teacher training? If you are interested in teaching yoga regardless of your limitations, please fill out the form. 

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Online YFA Professionals Introductory Course

15 YA Credits - 15 IAYT Credits 8 non-contact hours

This online course is an introduction to some of the material covered in our YFA Level I Training. It is for those who are not able to attend our live trainings, those who do not qualify for our Level I Training because they are not yet registered yoga teachers or those who may want online continued education credits to maintain their yoga certifications. 

The Yoga for Arthritis Into Course assists yoga teachers and caretakers to safely and effectively understand research based yoga practices, with individually-tailored modifications, for those with arthritis and its related conditions.

Yoga teachers who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of completion of 15 non-contact hours through Yoga Alliance and 8 non-contact hours through IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists).

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