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1 Jul 2017 9:23 AM | Anonymous

We are so excited to announce a new affiliate partnership with Sara Gorman Pillbags.

Unfortunately, dealing with arthritis and autoimmune conditions requires medications, sometimes several.  When you travel it can difficult to keep them all straight.  Airplanes suggest you carry them with you, but for a short trip three pills in a pharmacy bottle takes up a lot of space.  Dumping multiple pills into one container is a recipe for disaster.  Those plastic pill containers from the drug store hold almost nothing, are hard to open even if you don't have arthritis, and will break nails.  So what do you do?

The search for a pill container that allowed me to organize medications and supplements in one place, that wasn't too huge, that allowed me to label it in someway so I could keep things straight and was not disposable was really hard and I despaired of ever finding anything.  I now understood why people go traveling with tupperware bins of pharmacy containers.

Being a lupus patient who doesn't know a lot of other lupus patients, I cruise the web looking for support and information.  One day I stumbled upon Sara Gorman's Despite Lupus blog and she runs a business making pillfolds and pillbags.  I finally found something that fit the bill!  

Since it's labeled, I can keep things organized by day and AM/PM.  Since it's see-though, I can stick little post-its notes in it for myself so I won't mix anything up.  Since it's fabric, I can wash it when it gets dirty.  Not to mention it's light and has super easy open zippers that any hands can use.  Happiness!

I've had mine for over two years.  It's held up great on multiple trips and busy work weeks and I even bought one for my sister for her birthday last year.  Last but not least, a portion of the sales goes to Lupus charities to support their important work.  While it might cost more up front than one of those dinky little drugstore things it represents a lot more value. 

Buy one for yourself or a friend at Sara's website HERE.

- Reviewed by Christa Fairbrother, YFA Program Director

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