Self Paced Aqua Yoga for Arthritis Course

  • 26 May 2022
  • (UTC-12:00)
  • 4 Jun 2024
  • (UTC-12:00)
  • Self-Paced Online - VIRTUAL

Self Paced Aqua Yoga for Arthritis Course

with Christa Fairbrother


To learn a new skill online, you need high quality resources. The Aqua Yoga for Arthritis Course is packed with materials designed to teach you aqua yoga while respecting your arthritis symptoms.

To make this happen you get immediate access to:

  • 11 videos including a full 45-minute professionally produced practice class and a 30-minute discussion on how the other 7 limbs of yoga can help you
  • 30-page course workbook for the days you can't make it to the pool
  • a guided meditation for pain relief to use anytime
  • an audio recording of your practice class to download to your phone, so you can practice along in the pool
  • a PDF with full directions from the class so you can laminate a waterproof poolside copy

The course teacher, Christa Fairbrother, was the Program Director for YFA and is passionate about helping people with arthritis through aqua yoga. Her personal journey with arthritis and the thousands of people living with arthritis she’s helped, have provided the knowledge to produce these high-quality materials. Getting the benefits of an aqua yoga practice are possible for you when you enroll.

Learn about Christa Fairbrother:

For the former Program Director of YFA, aqua yoga for arthritis isn't just a professional interest, it's a personal journey. Christa Fairbrother came to YFA because of her passion for helping people with arthritis stemming from her own arthritis journey.

Aqua yoga is what she uses to:

  • stay out of pain
  • keep her muscles strong despite eroded joints
  • stay flexible with the support of the water so she doesn't strain damaged connective tissues
  • keep her stress in check because you better believe chronic illness is stressful
  • keep her outlook positive because arthritis can bring you down

She’s helped thousands of other people to do the same thing in public classes. You may not have access to a YFA teacher or an aqua yoga teacher in your local community. That's what the Aqua Yoga for Arthritis course is for.

Helping you achieve all these benefits of the practice at your pace.

And what makes this a course and a real learning opportunity, not just a video to gather dust, is private session you get with Christa. You'll spend half an hour customizing the class for your kind of arthritis and your needs with her, so you'll always have a way to practice that's best for you.

Join today so you get personalized attention while learning aqua yoga to help you manage your arthritis.



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