ABOUT THE BOOK Yoga therapy is commonly used for the management of arthritis, but often focuses exclusively on adaptation of the physical poses and on structural solutions. This book moves beyond the traditional routines to present yoga as a lifestyle designed to improve quality of life and overall well-being for individuals living with arthritis and rheumatic conditions. By incorporating the ancient practices of yoga as both physical and mental exercises involving a model of 5-koshas or sheaths (physical, energetic, mental/emotional, wisdom, and spiritual), the yoga therapy practice presented here will help reduce pain and shift the perspective of the individual living with arthritis.

This therapy uses a whole-person approach that employs a broad range of tools to address the biopsychosocial effects of arthritis through the application of yoga practices and philosophy. Useful as a guide for people living with arthritis, this book is full of inspiration for self care along with instructions for yoga teachers and medical professionals to guide their clients using this whole-person perspective.


"I’m a book lover. I love the contents of books, but I also love the objects themselves- the paper and ink. Perhaps it’s because I came of age before e-books, tablets, social media, and digital everything. Because of that, my fondest memories of discovery are from finding new information in the library archives or the Encyclopedia Britannica. I remember looking for... READ MORE

"The book that Steffany has written provides a wealth of information for a variety of audiences, written in a way that is accessible to all... With the information from this book patients, yoga professionals, and health providers can collaboratively integrate a yoga practice as part of whole-person, patient-centered arthritis care, that includes evidence-informed complementary practices, promotes healthy lifestyle modifications, and improves self-care."

Clifton O. Bingham III, MD

Director, Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center

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